When Staying Awake Really Counts

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Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

There are some people that we all depend upon to stay awake as others lives depend on it.

And anyone who has served in the military has pulled guard duty. Caution! I may be about to give away some very guarded military secrets here.

My first real guard duty was during Army basic training at a place that no longer exists, Ft. Ord, California. Now a part of the Monterrey Bay seaside communities, it was an interesting place to do basic training. The lovely sand beaches made for a great place to run in combat boots, with full packs, and the rifle ranges with the small cove on the bay as the backdrop always had recruits looking for seabirds as opposed to the targets. Like a smaller version of Camp Pendleton, as a California native I always wondered why the government didn’t close and sell off these two bases and use the proceeds to pay off the national debt. Prime real estate for sure, I just didn’t understand politicians at the time,…

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When Staying Awake Really Counts