Thoughts on Nomadic Survival from a Venezuelan Refugee

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This article was originally published by J.G. Martinez D at The Organic Prepper

I would like to apologize for not writing in these last couple of weeks. Deep concerns and uncertainty about the future of my homeland, Venezuela, and everyday concerns and struggling in this new nomadic lifestyle have been keeping me somehow unfocused, troubling my mind and inspiration to get my ideas in order.

But now that I am focused, let me talk a bit about nomadic survival and what I “should” have done.

Adaptation to a new land has been hard.

It would be wise for you to note this about the mind response of someone who believed to be psychologically fit for facing a potential disaster situation, though. I mean, I have been in some lightning fast hazardous events, and responded almost by instinct, and did it pretty well.

However, the wear of having to deal with things as they come has been undermining some of my skills. I will eventually adapt, though, but I ask you please to consider this.


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Thoughts on Nomadic Survival from a Venezuelan Refugee