Drone Countermeasures

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Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

With their ever growing popularity drones are indeed changing the landscape in surveillance, and with many very positive uses. Employed by many businesses and by government agencies at all levels they are now a widely used tool by the movie industry, the construction industry, agriculture industry, for forest management, and of course law enforcement.

However, as with anything, when there is potential for doing good people will always find ways to do evil and this has become a growing concern to both civilians and many government agencies.

What is the Military Doing

With all the money in the world (from us) they have a lot of interesting programs in place. The Pentagon issued a classified policy to all US forces in July of last year declaring that military bases now have the legal right to shoot down private or commercial drones deemed to be a threat. Makes sense. The result is the surrounding communities have been put on notice than…

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Drone Countermeasures