The Remnant Threat Of The Globalist Elite

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Before the primaries had even begun for the 2016 presidential election, an ultra-secret organization met in Telfs-Buchen, Austria.

There, amongst other pressing matters of business, they decided who should be the next American president. Looking at it in hindsight, it’s clear that their vote was for Hillary Clinton.

The fails of the group may not be over, but these are people with money and the influence that money can buy. We’re on the edge of the financial crisis and they will work to perpetuate it. Because when everyone else suffers, they become richer.

This group, which is known as the Bilderberg Group, is the leading force behind the movement for a one-world government. Founded in 1954, the group consists of a small core, with a larger number of people, liberals all, who are invitees to their annual conferences.

The Bilderberg Group is made up of some of the world’s biggest movers and shakers. While the core group apparently isn’t made of politicians, they have many of the world’s top political figures at their beck and call.

These people prefer to be the kingmakers, allowing them to concentrate on making money and consolidating their power, while using those politicians to that end. To be favored by this secret society seems to be a ticket into high government office, as they are able to provide the one thing that politicians need above all, campaign funds; lots of campaign funds.

Interestingly enough, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have any association with Bilderberg, or with the Trilateral Commission, although it is reported that several of his cabinet members have some connection. In fact, for the 2017 convention, the top item on their agenda is a “progress report” on the Trump Administration, which explains why these cabinet officials have been summoned.

But this doesn’t mean that Trump is reporting to them, or even that his cabinet officials are. Nor does it mean that the secretive group has any real pull on the president.

The key fact we must keep in mind here is that Donald Trump has been strongly pro-America since he started running for office, which goes directly against the Bilderberg’s stated purpose of globalization.

In other words, this “progress report” could just as likely be planned as a time to discuss and analyze how much damage President Trump has done to their agenda and what should be done about it.

The Bilderbergs took a public stand against him in the 2016 elections and there is no reason why they would have changed their opinion. He is clearly against their agenda of a one-world government and they know it. Not only that, but he has stirred a popular wave of nationalism not only here in the United States, but in parts of Europe as well.

If anything, the Bilderberg Group has more to fear from Donald Trump, than he has from them.

The Bilderbergs have taken a major blow in the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, rather than their candidate, Hillary. At the same time, both Hillary and her husband have lost a lot of currency with the group, even though both of them are members.

They took another major blow when the British people voted for Brexit, a move that is still ongoing and will be for some years. But the blows to the group may not be over with that. It appears that a combination of Trumpism and Brexit are motivating some other European countries to vote for a referendum on their membership in the globalists’ pet project, the European Union. Should that happen and the EU fall apart, it will set their plans back for years.

The EU was the globalist model for the next stage of world takeover. Pulling the European nations together under one central government gave them the chance of developing the system for implementing it elsewhere.

Their next target was the North American continent, where they expected to create another union. Trump has not only ended that dream, but appears to be on the verge of pushing them back a step in demanding a renegotiation of NAFTA.

Some have tried to say that the Bilderberg Group could fire Trump, if he doesn’t receive a high enough “grade” in their review. But they have no power to do that. They didn’t vote him into office and they can’t remove him.

But these are people with money and the influence that money can buy. So they will probably throw their considerable resources behind doing anything they can to unseat Trump in the 2020 elections. In the meantime, they will use their influence to work against his agenda, especially where it crosses swords with theirs.

Amongst the group’s strategic goals, we find a number of things that are truly troublesome, in addition to creating a one-world government. I will only mention two of those here:

  • Manufactured crises and perpetual wars
  • A one-world central bank, with one global currency

The United States of American stands in their way of accomplishing both of these goals. Our military and political influence has operated as the world’s police since the end of World War II.

About the same time, the American Dollar became the world’s reserve currency. So as a nation, we alone block two of their goals. That means they need to defeat us in these two areas, in order to accomplish what they wish.

A military conquest of the United States is impossible, unless it were to happen from the inside.

Had Barack Obama been able to fill the office of the presidency longer, that might have happened. His unilateral destruction of much of the military’s highest level of leadership and use of the armed forces as a social experiment has done much to destroy our military’s efficiency. But even in their reduced state, our military is more than a match for the next two or three armed forces in the world.

So that leaves destroying us economically; something that the Bilderberg group and other similar globalist organizations are well situated to do.

With our high national debt, which nearly doubled under Obama’s presidency, we are teetering on the edge of the financial abyss. All it would take is the wrong sort of shove to push us over the edge and trigger the disaster.

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Back to the Roots of Globalization

The Economist, a magazine controlled by the Rothschild family, published an article 20 years ago, which could give us some insight into what these globalists are planning.

(As the power behind most of the world’s central banks, the Rothschilds are, of course, a part of the Bilderberg Group. In fact, they are the ones who fund the group and its meetings. So you could say that they are the power behind those who are the power behind the world’s thrones.)

In volume 306 of the Economist; published on January 9, 1988, the Rothschilds set forth their plan for a one-world currency, which at that time was called the “Phoenix.”

Details are given about how this comes about, but the key is through a worldwide financial crisis. As the people cry out for some relief and financial stability, the world elite offer a solution… a single world currency and a single world economy.

When is this supposed to happen? Next year, 2018.

So what does all this mean for us?

It means that the globalists are still on the march. Like we see from progressive liberals everywhere, when they can’t get what they want legally, they look for a back door.

Here in the US, that’s often been the courts. But there are many ways of manipulating things to get what one wants; especially if they aren’t concerned about breaking laws or leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

It has been said that these powerful people have caused countries to have financial collapses in the past. It has even been said that the same families were responsible for causing the two world wars. While that might be a bit of a stretch, they did profit off of them, so it is possible.

Before you think that this isn’t possible, because they would have to hurt themselves financially, go back and read that last paragraph again.

While everyone else suffered from World War I and World War II, these people merely became richer. They consolidated more wealth and more power in their own hands. You can be sure that if we were to face another worldwide crisis, such as a financial collapse, they would not be hurt by it, you and I would.

Guarding a House of Cards

I have been hearing about a pending financial collapse for years.

While the reasons and the actual trigger for the collapse have changed, depending on who was doing the analysis, one key fact remained the same… the mounting national debt. Washington has built a house of cards, which is just waiting for someone to come along and remove a single card from the bottom. Then it all comes crashing down.

While this is not the only risk we face, it is one that we can’t ignore. When this collapse comes, and I believe it must, it will be devastating. It will larger than even the Great Depression. It has to be, so that it can have the worldwide impact that the globalists want it to have. They will invest whatever they have to, in order to make that happen.

Countless lives will be destroyed by this collapse, both here and abroad. Some of the hardest hit will be those in third-world countries. With the industrialized world in the midst of their own financial woes, help that would normally be sent to those countries will not be forthcoming. They will have to suffer through on their own.

Here at home, we can expect unemployment to top out over 30%, along with runaway inflation. While those who lose their jobs will be hit hard, the employed won’t have it much better.

In countless cases, people in the middle class will suddenly find themselves poor, even though they are doing the same jobs that have sustained them for years.

Salaries never keep up in times of financial collapse. Inflation outstrips even the best of raises, eating them up and making them disappear in the depths of despair.

Yes, those who are still working will have it better; but only in the sense that those who are the working poor have it better than those who are on the streets. They will lose much of what they have today.

How can we prepare for such a thing?

Can we actually be ready to not only survive, but even thrive through a major financial collapse? Yes we can. While we will all suffer, there are things we can do, which will help us to suffer less:

  • Get out of debt. Many who lose their homes will do so because they can’t make the payments
  • Stockpile supplies, especially food. Food shortages will become common
  • Develop a sideline business, so that you are not totally dependent on your job. If possible, make it some sort of repair business, as those fare well in financially hard times. If not, focus on something essential for life
  • Fortify your home to protect your family from attack. Learn how to defend your family
  • Put whatever savings you have, including your retirement fund, into gold and silver
  • Become as independent as possible, raising your own food and having your own source of water

While these actions will not prevent you from suffering, they will reduce the suffering that you go through. Everyone but those at the top will suffer. But you don’t have to accept that you will be one who suffers a lot. With proper planning and preparation, you can make it through a financial crisis with minimal loss, even gaining from the misfortune of others.

That always happens. Everything that is lost by one, is gained by someone else.

If you are in a financially sound position going into the crisis, you might be able to pick up property or other valuables during the crisis, coming out the other side in much better shape. Be prepared!

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


The Remnant Threat Of The Globalist Elite

Off-Grid Charging System For AA-AAA Batteries, Plus USB


Off-grid charging for the AA or AAA battery and other consumer batteries can be accomplished with a combination of the right portable solar panel and battery charger to get the job done.

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Off-grid Charging System For AA, AAA Batteries

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A Good Solar Power Battery Charger from C.Crane

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Each battery slot is independently monitored and uniquely charged according to the state-of-charge of each battery.

Smart chargers also have more sophisticated charging and sensing circuits improving charge quality and promoting longer battery life.

Portable Folding Solar Panel For Use With Battery Charger


PowerFilm F15-600 10w Folding Solar Panel

Solar panels come in many sizes, shapes, and various electrical specifications.

This 10 watt solar panel (pictured on the left) is portable, folds up, and provides the correct output operating voltage and minimum current requirements to power the charger listed above.

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Note that solar panel specifications are under ideal direct sunlight conditions.

USB Solar Charger For Cell Phones & Other Devices

For a USB-only portable solar charger, the following ‘Anker®’ solar charger uses “Fast Charging Technology” which they call “PowerIQ”.

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Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

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Off-Grid Charging System For AA-AAA Batteries, Plus USB

Battle Lines Are Being Drawn In Venezuela As The Socialist Nation Inches Toward Civil War


You may recall this bizarre incident that occurred last month in Venezuela. A rogue police officer by the name of Oscar Perez, who is also well known in Venezuela for starring in several B-rated action movies, commandeered a helicopter, before dropping grenades on the nation’s Supreme Court building and strafing the Interior Ministry with gunfire. It was without a doubt, the strangest moment to come out of that nation’s ongoing civil unrest.

But this brazen attack isn’t just odd. In fact, it may portend something much more serious that is simmering under the surface of Venezuela’s slow motion social collapse. It’s a sign that Venezuela is very close to erupting into a full-blown civil war.

Recently, a stolen police helicopter attacked the Venezuelan Supreme Court with grenades and automatic weapons. While no one was hurt, the incident should serve as a wake-up call for the entire Western Hemisphere, including the United States. The attack demonstrates a quantum escalation of the hunger-fueled conflict that has consumed the country for close to a year. Hunger is the key word. Hunger is the most basic of human suffering. Remember that rising food prices helped fuel the Arab Spring, which has left the world with a chaotic, fractured, refugee-hemorrhaging Middle East.

Obviously, the lack of food in Venezuela is a key factor in that nation’s unrest. Multiple studies have shown in the past that when food prices escalate to a certain point, riots and revolutions become very likely, even in cases where the population isn’t specifically revolting over the price of food. But in any case the lack of food, skyrocketing crime, rampant corruption, and flippant tyranny that are all fueling the unrest, and giving people like Oscar Perez lots of support in both high and low places.

Is Venezuela in danger of becoming another Syria? Maybe. The helicopter pilot, Oscar Perez, posted a bare-faced declaration online describing himself as representative of a group of “nationalists, patriots, and institutionalists.” The fact that he has been allowed to slip quietly back into the shadows illustrates how much of the population is willing to hide him. Even more distressing is the fact that his group even had access to a helicopter, a fact illustrating how much support they may have within Venezuela’s government institutions.

We can deduce from Perez’s attack that there are battle lines being drawn in Venezuela right now, and those lines run right through the middle of the civilian population, the military, the police, and the political class (and yes, that line does run through the middle of society, because there are still millions of people who support President Maduro).

And that’s what makes civil wars possible. They don’t usually occur in countries where millions of unarmed civilians hate the government, and the government is staffed by plenty of loyalists. These wars tend to happen in places where the soldiers and cops are also divided along partisan lines. That way, you have a lot of people armed to the teeth with the best weapons government tax dollars can buy, and those people become two separate armed camps with divergent views and political goals.

You can’t have a war unless there are two sides with a lot of firepower, and that’s what we see in Venezuela right now. That nation is a powder keg, and it could blow at any time.

Additional Links:

WTF: Rogue Cop Steals Helicopter And Drops Grenades On Venezuelan Supreme Court

Why We Have A Second Amendment: Venezuelan Plans to Give Firearms To Loyalists So They Can Purge Growing Resistance

Violence Flares In Venezuela As Opposition Calls For New Strike

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 317 people
Date: July 24th, 2017

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.

Battle Lines Are Being Drawn In Venezuela As The Socialist Nation Inches Toward Civil War

It’s Not A Joke Anymore: Kid Rock Is Leading Poll For Michigan Senate Race


I’d wager that most liberals are still in a bit of a shock over the fact that Donald Trump is in the White House. Never in a million years did they expect a brash, unapologetic billionaire and former reality TV star to win the highest office in the land. It was simply unthinkable.

Well, the Left should probably get ready for another unexpected election loss, because another eccentric conservative celebrity has decided to run for office. Earlier this month, Kid Rock, the famous country/nu metal/rap musician announced that he was going to run for the senate seat in his home state of Michigan. Much like what happened when Trump announced his presidential bid, most observers assumed that Kid Rock’s announcement was just a publicity stunt. That notion was quickly dispelled once Kid Rock confirmed his ambitions on Twitter.

And once again, much to the surprise of the establishment, the musician is surprisingly popular. A recent poll from Delphi Analytica showed that Robert “Kid Rock” Ritchie was preferred by voters, when compared to incumbent Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow.

To gauge Ritchie’s chances in a hypothetical general election matchup, Delphi Analytica conducted a poll from July 14-18 of 668 Michigan residents. Of respondents who stated a preference between Debbie Stabenow and Robert Ritchie, 54% stated they would vote for Ritchie while 46% said they would vote for Debbie Stabenow. These results could indicate that Ritchie is a popular figure in Michigan, Debbie Stabenow is unpopular, or some combination of concurrent trends. The relatively large, 44%, number of undecided respondents may be due to the early stages of the campaign.

And if you don’t think there’s a chance in hell that Kid Rock would win that Senate seat, ask yourself if this sounds familiar:

The star is in a decent position to run. He has very high name recognition in the state of Michigan and has a loyal fan base that enjoys his brash approach to life. He also has a net worth between $80 and $120 million, according to the Federalist, so he could easily fully fund his own campaign without outside party funds.

Is it any wonder why progressives like Elizabeth Warren have been warning their supporters to take his election bid seriously?

“I know a lot of people are thinking: this is some sort of joke, right?” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote in an email to supporters obtained by CNN and first reported by the Boston Herald.

“Well, maybe this is all a joke — but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too,” she said.

“And sure, maybe this is just a marketing gimmick for a new album or tour — but we all thought Donald Trump was just promoting his reality TV show, too,” she added.

What a strange time to be alive.

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Author: Daniel Lang
Views: Read by 411 people
Date: July 24th, 2017

Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.

It’s Not A Joke Anymore: Kid Rock Is Leading Poll For Michigan Senate Race

The UN Has Anticipated EU Refugee Crisis For 17 Years: “Only International Migration Could Be Instrumental In Addressing Population Decline”


When thousands of migrants began pouring into EU nations two years ago, it seemed totally unexpected. Though Europe had been open to accepting immigrants from third world countries for several generations, the flood of over 1 million migrants from the Middle East and North Africa was unprecedented. It has also left an indelible mark on the continent that could have serious ramifications, ranging from the full blown displacement of aging Europeans, to the disintegration of the EU.

However, the Refugee crisis only came as a surprise to the average person. It turns out that in the year 2000, the UN published a document that essentially predicted a future refugee crisis, and promoted the idea that developed nations should open their borders to millions of migrants.

The document – “Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Aging Populations?” – details the plunging birthrates across Europe and identifies a solution: mass immigration.

The 17-year-old document contended mass immigration was necessary to replace the aging populations of developed countries. Without the migration of populations from the developing world, it reasons, economies will suffer because of labor shortages and falling tax revenues.

“Therefore, among the demographic variables, only international migration could be instrumental in addressing population decline and population aging in the short to medium term,” the report concludes.

The report specifically targets the U.S., Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Russia as prime candidates for replacement migration. It is not an obscure study, written and then ignored, but a founding piece of the pro-migration agenda pushed by the United Nations, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and open-borders advocates.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because replacing aging populations in the West isn’t the only goal of unfettered immigration. The globalists have long sought to destroy Western civilization, and what better way to do it than by simply replacing people with Western values, rather than urging immigrants to assimilate?

Veteran political commentator and former White House adviser Patrick Buchanan told WND the fact that the U.N. “signed on to a mass migration of Third World peoples to Europe and America, to replace the native populations, is consistent with its anti-Western ideology and comes as no surprise.”

“Not long after its birth, the U.N. came to be dominated by delegates, diplomats and staff among whose operative principles was that the West was guilty of historic crimes against humanity, and that justice demanded the endless transfer of the West’s illicitly acquired wealth to a Third World it had oppressed,” said Buchanan, a senior adviser to U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan and a former presidential candidate.

“Resentment, envy and hatred of the West among intellectual circles at Turtle Bay (the U.N.) – often echoed within the West itself – needs to be resisted like a disease, if the West is to remain the Great Civilization it has been,” he told WND.

Obviously this state of affairs can’t go on indefinitely. So long as Europe is run by globalists who loath the culture they were born into, the West is on the path to annihilation. That’s because this won’t be the last refugee crisis.

Africa is expected to add an additional 1 billion people by the year 2050, and once the Middle East runs out of oil (or simply runs out of oil money) the economies in that region are going to utterly collapse. If you think the Middle East is a powder keg now, wait until all of the oil rich nations in that region are bankrupt. We could see tens or hundreds of millions of people try to make their way into the West over the next century.

But the West can’t save the world in this manner, no more than you could solve poverty by letting every homeless person into your home. It’s unreasonable to expect any nation to take on this burden. If the globalists and their no-borders agenda aren’t stopped now, then there will be nothing left of Western civilization by the end of this century.


Shock Video: Reporter Doing Humanitarian Story On Refugees Is Assaulted Live On Air: “What Do You Want? You’re Crazy!”

Watch: Steven Crowder Calls Bleeding Heart Progressive Liberals To Ask If They’ll Take In Refugees… The Results Are Just What You Might Expect.

Are The Globalists Backing Down?: Bill Gates Calls To Stem Refugee Migration Into Europe

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 727 people
Date: July 24th, 2017

Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.

The UN Has Anticipated EU Refugee Crisis For 17 Years: “Only International Migration Could Be Instrumental In Addressing Population Decline”

The Mother Of All Bubbles: “This Unsustainable System Will Falter And Then Proceed In Collapsing On Itself”

This report was originally published by Adam Taggart at


What To Do With Your Cash?
By Adam Taggart

Have you moved a material percentage of your financial portfolio to cash? Have you become so concerned about the meteoric ramp upwards in asset prices that you find it wiser instead to move to the sidelines, build “dry powder”, and wait to re-enter the markets at saner valuations?

If so, you have my sympathies.

The past 5+ years have been brutal for savers pursuing this strategy. I know this well, as I’m one of those folks, too.

The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles

As we’ve chronicled for years here at, the global central banking cartel started flooding the world with liquidity (aka, money printed from thin air) in response to the arrival of the Great Financial Crisis in late 2008. And they never stopped.

The chart below shows how the combined balance sheets of the major world central banks (Fed, ECB & BOJ) are 3.5x higher today than their pre-crisis levels less than a decade ago. (And if we included the PBOC in this chart, the cumulative total would be 18.8 Trillion!):



All that liquidity has to go somewhere. And, as hoped by the central banking cartel, it has found its way into the financial markets, pushing the price of nearly every asset class to record extremes. And then higher still.

Equities have shot the moon, and are now nearly twice as high as they were at the apex of the past two stock market bubbles, as this below chart of the S&P 500 shows (in fact, the S&P price/revenue ratio just hit the highest level in history, aside from the week of the March 2000 bubble peak):


Similarly, bond prices have continued their 30-year march higher, powered by record-low interest rates around the world:



And home prices have returned back to the same level seen right before the last housing bubble viciously burst (in many high-demand markets, home prices are well in excess of those 2007 highs):


We’ve written numerous articles about the dangers of the current central banking policies responsible for today’s nosebleed asset prices. But the gist is this: we are currently living within the mother of all financial bubbles. These prices are in no way sustainable.

Why not? While the reasons are legion (and we’ve spilled plenty of ink writing about them all), the big reason is revealed in this chart:


To support the current level of asset prices, we have been growing our debts more than twice as fast as our national income (GDP). Any household knows that you can’t do this for long before insolvency occurs. Nations — even those with a printing press — can’t escape this same fate in the long run.

See that little wiggle in the debt line from 2008-2009? That’s the wiggle that almost destroyed the world during the Great Financial Crisis. Look at those asset price charts above again. See how much higher we are today than we were back in 2008?

So… are you one of those people wondering how much more painful the next downturn will be, when we fall from even loftier heights this time? Are you one of the few folks who haven’t already forgotten that the S&P declined over 50% in the short time between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2009?

If you are, and you’ve decided not to participate in today’s Ponzi scheme markets and instead build cash, it’s been a painful ride watching the prices of nearly every other asset vault higher year-over-year while your cash pile simply sits there.

And if the feeling of “missing the rally” isn’t bad enough with the mainstream media and your brother-in-law constantly rubbing your nose in it, there’s a host of new threats besieging cash these days.

The All-Out War On Savers (aka Financial Repression)

Again, as we’ve written about often here at, those running today’s economy are doing their utmost to keep prudent savers like you from keeping their cash safely on the sidelines. They desperately want your savings pushed out into the economy so that their over-leveraged casino can continue operating a little bit longer.

We discuss this in depth in our recent report Less Than Zero: How The Fed Killed Saving, which explains how the Financial Repression playbook is very intentionally designed to transfer the burden of the government’s orgy of debt onto the public. It seeks to do so in a way that is just opaque enough to just enough people that the general public doesn’t catch on to what’s happening.

The key elements of Financial Repression are:

  • Negative interest rates: These reduce the servicing costs of debt, allowing the system to take on even more. They also destroy any incentive to save, as cash parked in the bank actually loses purchasing power on a real basis. This pushes capital out of savings and into the riskier assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc) that all the built-up debt is supporting.
  • Capital controls: These “ring fence” domestic capital, making it difficult for prudent money to avoid the measures of financial repression. Restrictive legislation on international holdings like FATCA and the higher taxes placed on “safe haven” assets like precious metals are examples of these. Other manifestations are bank bail-ins, banking restrictions on withdrawing more than $10,000 (and oftentimes substantially less), civil asset forfeiture, and outlawing bank notes as part of the “war on cash” and the move to a “less cash” or “cashless” economy — all of these serve to thwart and/or penalize savers who would just rather sit out the current insanity of the markets and accept no return over the risk of substantial loss.

So, with the reckless investors all around us gloating at their returns, with our banks paying us nearly 0.0% on our savings and treating us like criminals if we have the temerity to ask for access to it, and with the government talking about taking it all from us eventually anyways (replacing with Fedcoin, perhaps?) — is it time for us cash savings holders to throw in the towel?

Hussman’s “Choice”

In a word: No

We have to remember that we are living through a massive bubble market that has no precedent in history. Bubble markets are nefarious, as they prey on our mind’s hard-wired greed/fear drivers. It is very easy for us be manipulated into thinking “it’s different this time”. Even the genius Isaac Newton fell victim to the mania of the South Sea Bubble:

[embedded content]

John Hussman has done perhaps more work than anyone else demonstrating that today’s elevated market pricing is due to pulling future value into today (through debt), and that the BEST investors can hope for going forward is a decade of 0% gains:



But I think his real masterwork is his very succinct summary of the situation we are all in at this moment in history:

The problem with bubbles is that they force one to decide whether to look like an idiot before the peak, or an idiot after the peak. 

2008 is not so far in the past that we can’t clearly remember the panic in people’s eyes as they watched their retirement portfolios and home prices get cut in half within a matter of months. That’s what looking like an idiot after the peak feels like.

As oddball as it may seem to others, as uncomfortable as it may feel as the central bank liquidity party rages on, as painful as it may feel as the system tries its best to separate you from your hard-earned savings, there will come a time when this unsustainable system will falter and then proceed in collapsing on itself.

When that happens, those who decided to look like an idiot early on and refuse to join the party (i.e., positioning their capital defensively), are going to look like geniuses. They will avoid the heartbreak of loss, and they will have capital to deploy when the dust settles, purchasing quality assets at (potentially historic) bargain prices.

It’s not an easy choice to make, or to remain steadfast in. It takes foresight, courage, and resolve. But it’s a smart choice.

Of course, cash savings is just one of a number of options for positioning your financial wealth defensively right now. For those looking to learn more about other ways to do so, we recommend the following progression:

  1. If you haven’t yet ready it, read our free report The Mother of All Financial Bubbles to understand the full nature of the situation we’re living through today
  2. Read our report How To Hedge Against A Market Correction, to understand the most common strategies for protecting your portfolio from downside risk
  3. For those interested, I’ve shared how my own personal portfolio is positioned (Note: this is not intended as personal financial advice, but as an example to evaluate)
  4. Schedule a review focused on downside risk management with your financial adviser. If you’re having difficulty finding one experienced on this topic, we can suggest one to consider.

It’s unknowable exactly how much longer our unsustainable markets can remain at their record levels. But there is one thing we know for certain: we’re closer to their day of reckoning than we’ve been at any point over the past seven years. A recession is due soon by historical standards, and long overdue by fundamental ones.

When it happens, do you want to look like an idiot? Or would you rather choose to look like one now, so that you can look brilliant then?

Choose wisely.

This report was originally published by Adam Taggart at

The Mother Of All Bubbles: “This Unsustainable System Will Falter And Then Proceed In Collapsing On Itself”

What It Takes To Survive When Meeting The Wolves

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If you are trying to live off the land, or have to because the world nearly ended, you’ll face the wilderness and its challenges. One of them is encountering a pack of wolves.

What you do when you meet the wolves? First, you’ll try to remember everything you’ve ever heard and learned about surviving them.

This is why you need this article. Knowing how to recognize their intent, as well as how to escape the encounter will save you. Keep reading, then keep it in your mind!

How to Tell When Wolves are Around

The population of wolves in some areas are increasing to the point where more people are coming into contact with them.

Since wolves tend to be afraid of people, they might hide themselves as soon as they sense your presence, so you might not see them immediately. It can take days to weeks to discover if you are in a wolf pack’s territory

But there are still a few things you can use to determine if wolves have been around:

  • Keep an eye out for their tracks. Wolves usually have bigger feet the coyotes and most dogs. They also walk so that all four paws make a fairly straight line, while dogs tend to waver. If you notice tracks in the snow, wolves that follow the leader will put their paws in the same track as the leader.

  • Wolf kill sites are also fairly easy to spot. Their prey will be ripped apart, and picked fairly clean. You may also see signs of crushed bones with bite marks that indicate the wolves bit through the bones. Even if the wolves did not eat the prey for some reason, there is a chance they will come back to the site, even months later. If you see a wolf kill, proceed with caution, and always be careful in this area.
  • Once you locate a kill site, you may also spot locations off the trail where the wolves were sleeping.
  • Since wolves eat bones and fur, their scat often contains remains of these materials.
  • Watch for the presence of crows circling. Unlike many other animals, wolves usually won’t try to chase crows out of their territory. If you see crows circling, there is a chance they are at the site of a wolf kill, and are waiting for their chance to feast. In addition, wolves will also scavenge off already dead carcasses. They also watch the behavior of the crows, and may follow them to a kill that they will want to take advantage of. Even if you do not see wolves in the area, it is best to stay away from any location where you see crows circling, as it may mean wolves are there, or soon will be.

3 Second SEAL Test Will Tell You If You’ll Survive A Crisis Situation

It Spells Danger

With time and experience in nature, you will more than likely learn how to spot wolf kills. An unconsumed carcass can mean more danger than you expect, especially if it looks like a lone wolf made the kill.

Sadly, rabies epidemics are reaching greater proportions among wolves every year. As with dogs, cats, and other mammals, wolves are highly susceptible to this disease.

Since a wolf pack’s territory can reach over 600 miles, even a single wolf has the potential to reach out and spread this disease to many other animals. Typically, a rabid wolf will either leave the pack or be driven from it.

As they roam around, they will make several kills, and then not eat the meat from them. Therefore, if you see a wolf kill, it is important to be wary of other animals as well as the wolves themselves.

Rabies can be a tricky disease to spot in the early stages, and you will not want to come down with it because you ate an animal that has this disease.

What Each Animals Position in the Pack Means

Wolves are highly social animals that travel together in family groups.

Even though there is no such thing as a wolf that serves as a leader, there is a male and female alpha for each pack that the rest of the wolves will follow. The alphas are also the ones most likely to mate and rear pups successfully to adulthood. In addition, as long as an alpha male and female mated pair are alive, they will remain monogamous.

If the genetic relationship is too close between the alphas, the male may mate with one of the betas instead.

A wolf pack can have between 8 and 15 members, and most wolves fall somewhere between the alphas and the omega and are referred to as beta. These wolves may be male or female, although the male alpha may chase off males that will, in turn, form their own packs.

Depending on the age or other characteristics of the alphas, the beta wolves may become alphas, or switch back and forth at any time. Typically, the change of command is fairly peaceful, although wolves can fight physically. In most cases, wolves achieve alpha status, however, though personality and communication.

Finally, the lowest ranking wolf in the pack is the omega. These may be the youngest wolves in the pack, and are often treated with the most aggression by the others. It’s not unusual for omegas to eventually leave the pack and try to form their own.

Even though wolves are relatively peaceful among members of their own pack, they will join together and defend their territory from other wolves as well as other animals. In fact, they will even gather and attack bears, cougars, and other animals closer to the top of the food chain. This includes humans.

How to Escape if Wolves Approach You

Generally, there are two basic kinds of wild animal attacks:

  • There are attacks that occur because the animal is frightened or seeks to protect its young. In these cases, you are usually best served by making yourself as small as quiet as possible so that the animal will leave you alone. If you make noise with these kinds of animals, throw things at them, or make yourself appear larger, there is a much higher chance they will attack and kill you.
  • The other kind of animal attack that occurs revolves around animals that clearly want you out of their territory because they consider themselves superior or dominant. Wolves fall into this category. If you do not assert your right to be in the area, the wolves will seek to surround you, kill you, and possibly have you for dinner.

Let’s see how these two situations apply to wolves.

When you have wolves approaching, it may be very tempting to try and run away. Remember that wolves run faster than you, and it will be impossible to escape them. To make matters worse, once you turn your back on them, they will charge on you all the faster.

Consider that dogs also have a similar instinct when it comes to perceiving the difference between prey and something that is dominant over them. Dogs will chase cars, humans, and other animals because anything that is fleeing away from them is fair game. The very act of fleeing triggers, in dogs and wolves, predatory instincts even if what they are pursuing is actually bigger and stronger than them.

Instead of running away, the best thing you can do is make yourself seem as big and threatening as possible. You can yell, jump up and down, throw things, and make other loud noises.

Advancing aggressively may also cause the wolves to pause, but you will still need to keep moving backwards while keeping the wolves in front of you. In some cases, this may be enough to cause the wolves to stop, and hopefully go away. Even if the wolves begin to move off, never turn your back on them. Just keep moving backwards slowly and at a steady pace.

One of the most important things you can do in an encounter with wolves is make sure that you keep eye contact with them without staring. Remember, among themselves, it is body language and psychological means that are used to achieve dominance, not physical conflict.

Avoid allowing the wolves to circle behind you. Towards that end, you must always be aware of where each wolf in the pack is, and how it is moving in relation to the others and you. If at all possible, move towards an area, such as a gate, where you can go through, but the wolves will be unable to get behind you, and, eventually, unable to follow you.

STAY CALM. Wolves have an incredible sense of smell, and can literally smell fear. If they catch a smell that indicates fear, they will perceive you as prey and may just decide to attack.

To escape the wolves completely, you will need to back up until you find a useful way to get a way from the wolves – climbing a tree, getting into a vehicle, or getting into some other shelter that the wolves cannot get into.

If the pack is hungry, or want to eat you later on, they may stay around for a good while, or try to get at you. Unless you completely leave the area, count yourself still in danger. No matter whether the wolves appear again in hours, days, or weeks, you must never forget that another, and more dangerous encounter may occur.

If you survive an initial encounter with wolves, but your safe area is surrounded, you will need to find some weapons to protect yourself with. Among other things, you can try building a fire. You should also know how to make spears, throwing knives, and other weapons that can be used to kill or injure the wolves. Needless to say, if you can make contact with others, it will be a good idea to alert them to your situation and ask for help.

When a Wolf Attacks

No matter how hard you try, it may not be possible to avoid being attacked by wolves. As with dogs and other related animals, a wolf will seek to knock you down and bite. Wolves will also attack as a group, which makes it much harder to defend yourself. Nevertheless, here are some things to do for your salvation:

  • Always remember to carry a heavy stick, rocks, or other weapons with you. If a wolf begins charge at you, then you may have to kill it if you are able.
  • If you do not have a weapon, back up against a tree or anything else that will protect your back. Jump up onto a large boulder to give yourself a height advantage.
  • Never simply give up and let the wolves tear you apart. Keep yelling, kicking, grabbing, and biting if you are able. As with any other animal, a wolf’s throat and eyes are vulnerable to attack. Grab one just below the jaw if you can, and dig hard into their throat with your fingers. Even if the wolf is fighting you, it may be possible to keep its teeth away from your body. You may also be able to use its body to shield you from the other animals.
  • If you fall or wind up on the ground, once again, do what you can to reach the wolf’s throat. Once you have control of its airway, bring your feet up and kick into its ribs and abdomen repeatedly. Watch how a cat will respond to an attack, and it should give you some ideas. As always, make sure your head remains tucked closed to your chest, and that your throat and neck are as protected as possible.

Other Things to Avoid

Most of attacks occur because someone, somewhere may have fed the wolves or done something else to cause them to lose their fear of humans.

Avoid feeding wolves or encouraging them to be around humans. No matter how much of an “animal person” you may think you are, there is a time and a place where these actions are irresponsible and endanger you as well as others.

This includes endangering the wolves themselves because once people learn an attack has occurred, there will be a move to hunt down and slaughter the entire pack.

Remember, the wolves did not ask for your presence, and if you or other encourage them, they will do as their nature dictates. It is one thing to encourage a wolf that lives in captivity or has a documented and accepted close contact with humans and seeking to do this with adult wolves in the wild.

For the most part, you will find that wolves are truly beautiful and intelligent creatures as long as you understand their role and yours in nature. But if you happen to encounter wolves, or are attacked by them, the situation can be extremely dangerous.

You have to think fast to find the best way to survive. Would you know how to do it?

This article has been written by Carmela Tyrell for Survivopedia.


What It Takes To Survive When Meeting The Wolves

Survival Kit List Of 10 Essential Items

Survival Kit List of 10 basic essential items

Looking for a survival kit list? Here are 10 essential items which you might choose as a minimum to start any survival kit. Then build up the list and tailor the kit from there depending on the specific purpose for the kit, your personal preferences, needs, methods of carry, etc.


When making your own survival kit list and deciding what to include, first think about where and how you might use it, or it’s purpose as it relates to your activity.

Is it for your car? In your backpack on a day hike? A week-long camping trip? A bug-out bag with 72-hour provisions? This will alter what you might choose to include.

Also think about the resources that may already be available in the area where you plan to be or where you might be using your kit. This again will affect the decisions that you make as to what to include in the kit.

The following survival kit list of items is intended to present ideas to spark your own thoughts:

Survival Kit List of basic items and uses

Fire-starter / Matches

Every single survival kit list should include a means to make fire.

Magnesium Fire Starter and /or FireSteel

The Magnesium fire-starter is a very popular survival kit item. Be sure to practice with it after you buy one!

A FireSteel is an awesome little gadget which generates copious sparks when scraped (e.g. with a knife).

‘Strike Anywhere’ matches are the kind with the white phosphorus tip. Store them in a water-tight case or bag and consider including a ‘striker’, perhaps an emery board or women’s nail file.

Keeping an ordinary BIC lighter in addition to matches is a good idea too.

Consider adding a mini fire-kit with tinder for building a fire.

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What survival kit list isn’t complete without a knife?!


You should include a fixed-blade knife or a cutting tool of some sort. Perhaps a pocket-knife suits your needs well enough. A multi-purpose tool with a knife might be useful.

I personally like the fixed-blade style knife (and sheath) for it’s size and blade options, strength, and multipurpose uses more than that of an ordinary pocket knife. However I do always carry a pocket knife.

There are MANY knife makes, models, and manufacturers to choose from. It can become overwhelming while deciding on what knife to get. It really is a personal choice.

Consider sticking with name brands including but not limited to CRKT, Gerber, Buck, SOG, Spyderco, Kershaw.

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Maps & Compass

Do you know where you’re going? Can you get somewhere that you’ve not gone before? Can you navigate there without a GPS?

Keep a hard-copy map of the region you’re in. Keep a topo (topographical) map if you’re off-road, and a road map otherwise; or both.

Know how to read and navigate with maps. The basics are simple. Complimentary with the map, a compass will establish bearings.

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Cordage, Paracord

Cordage. There are lots of choices. Paracord is one that I like.

U.S. Made Military 550 Paracord (from Tom over at

Keep a length of ‘550 Paracord’ (or other cord of your choosing). A minimum of 10-20 feet seems reasonable for starters and for most ordinary uses (lashing, etc.). I prefer to keep a bit more than that in a general purpose survival kit if space permits.

Here’s an interesting and apparently stronger alternative cord:

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Flashlight, extra batteries

A survival kit list without a flashlight?? That would be unheard of…

LED flashlight and/or headlamp. A LED flashlight, preferably a head-mounted style (for hands-free), is an ideal choice.

Keep an extra set of batteries even though LED flashlights consume relatively little power.

Here’s a review I did a while back: Best Flashlight

I currently use that flashlight, and others, although there’s really no such thing as ‘best’ – it’s subjective and dependent upon one’s personal needs and preferences for any given situation.


Typically for a survival kit, a good easy choice is the food bar. Calorie-dense food bars are convenient for short-duration kits.

One of my favorites is the CLIF Bar because they taste good and they are more calorie dense than many others. Your chosen quantity, food type, and packaging will likely depend upon the kit purpose (day-pack, overnight backpacking, vehicle kit, etc..).

Related article: The CLIF Bar Might Be The Best Choice For Your Survival Kit

MRE’s are another consideration for suvival kit food. There are lots of practical choices in this category…

Extra Clothing

I added this category to consider the seasonal extremes. Even during summertime, hypothermia can become a risk during a cool rain or at night without the proper clothing or gear.

Consider whatever may be appropriate for your kit: Perhaps a knit hat, a rain coat or jacket, sweatshirt, a pair of gloves, etc.. You can always ‘layer’ your clothes and better to have too much on hand than not enough.

First Aid Kit

You might not think that you’ll ever need it, but having a basic compact mini first aid kit within one’s general purpose survival kit is a very good idea.

One particular small first aid kit (tin) that contains at least the most commonly used components (which you could add to) is the following Coleman:

Coleman 27 Piece First Aid Kit, Mini Travel Kit

You can also easily assemble your own custom made First Aid Kit.

Mylar Emergency Blanket

A mylar ‘space blanket’ or emergency blanket will serve multiple uses including warmth (wrap yourself in it to reflect your body heat back to you), and potential shelter similar to a small tarp.

They fold up small, so keeping several will hardly take any room at all in your kit.

TITAN 2-Sided Emergency Mylar Survival Blankets

Related article: Uses For A Space Blanket – Emergency Blanket.

The ‘original’ space blanket manufacturer now makes this:
Heavy Duty All Weather Blanket (Made in USA).

Stainless Steel Water Container

Not only can you bring water with you, if you get the right kind of water container it will also serve as a vessel to boil water for safe drinking from questionable water sources.

Consider the kind with a screw-on lid, purposely made for hiking. If you might ever use it to boil water, get the single-walled type and one that’s not painted (get stainless steel).

Klean Kanteen 18oz Classic (w/Loop Cap) Brushed Stainless

Since we’re talking about water, a portable drinking water filter is adviseable too. The LifeStraw or the Sawyer Mini are both good choices (and not expensive).

You might support our sponsor,, who sells the Lifestraw w/free shipping.

You might support our sponsor,, who sells the Katadyn water filters.


Note: There are LOTS more items to consider for a basic (general purpose) emergency kit.

This list of ten survival kit items (10+) is meant to give you ideas as a starting point for putting together your own kit.

These items will easily fit into a backpack. Adjust the contents as you see fit, as any such list is variable depending on it’s uses and your preferences.

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Instead of me listing another ten items (or more!), let’s hear from you:

Survival Kit List Of 10 Essential Items

“The Cartel Has Completely Devastated The Metals Market… Causing Serious Problems In Other Minerals Outside Of Precious Metals”

With the world seemingly in economic and geo-political shambles, those concerned with the real possibility of collapse continue to position themselves in precious metals. As highlighted by SGT Report in the five-minute metals update below, physical acquisition of gold and silver continues unabated, with Silver Eagles once again hitting month-over-month sales records in July. Moreover, the supply of gold appears to be dwindling. Coupled with heavy investment demand, this suggests that prices may soon jump to the upside as investors continue to shift into the asset class of last resort and larger gold and silver mining companies move to lock in physical assets through junior mining acquisitions.

But gold and silver aren’t the only metals that are seeing demand outpace supply. As noted by First Majestic Silver CEO Keith Neumeyer, the attack on precious metals has led to serious problems with the supply of other metals, as well. Zinc, which is used for everything from power generation to automobile manufacturing, is one of the world’s most essential production metals. With continued mine closures and increased supply issues Neumeyer, who is also the largest shareholder in mining company Zinc One Resources which currently sits on one of the highest grade zinc assets in the world, says that there hasn’t been a single major zinc deposit discovery anywhere on the planet since 1990. This has resulted in a huge gap between global zinc supply and demand, suggesting that prices could rise dramatically.

There is a huge shortage right now in the Zinc market… Because of the low silver prices… the manipulated low silver price… has made zinc mines also uneconomical… the cartel has completely devastated the metals market to the point where it’s causing serious problems in other minerals outside of precious metals… zinc is the fourth used metal on earth… 

Watch this essential Five Minute Metals Update from SGT Report:

[embedded content]

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Gas Masks, Filters, Body Suits, Anti Radiation Pills

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Author: Mac Slavo
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Date: July 23rd, 2017

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“The Cartel Has Completely Devastated The Metals Market… Causing Serious Problems In Other Minerals Outside Of Precious Metals”

Violence Flares In Venezuela As Opposition Calls For New Strike

Wuilly Arteaga plays his violin during an anti-government march in Venezuela. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

Wuilly Arteaga plays his violin during an anti-government march in Venezuela. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

Venezuela’s socialist government opposition called for a two-day national strike against President Nicolas Maduro after another day of violent clashes on Saturday where the injured included a violinist famous for his musical protests.

Wuilly Arteaga,  the 23-year-old has become famous for playing the national anthem on his violin in front of security lines as battles rage around him, has been injured in the fight for freedom against Venezuela’s socialist regime. Paramedics attended Arteaga in the street as blood poured down his face. He later tweeted a video from the hospital with a bandaged face and clutching his violin. “Neither rubber bullets nor pellets will stop our fight,” said Arteaga. “Tomorrow I will be back in the streets.”

On Saturday, several thousand protesters sought to march on the pro-Maduro Supreme Court in support of alternative magistrates appointed by the opposition. But security forces blocked them with armored cars and riot shields. Clashes ensued for several hours as hundreds of masked youths hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at National Guard troops firing tear gas from motorcycles.

Foes accuse Maduro of turning Venezuela into a dictatorship and wrecking what should be a prosperous economy. They want free elections and an end to two decades of socialist rule. “The Venezuelan people are not giving up, they are valiant, they will come out to defend democracy and the constitution,” opposition lawmaker Simon Calzadilla said at a news conference flanked by other coalition officials.

The opposition coalition, which organized a 24-hour shutdown this week that was heeded by millions and paralyzed large swaths of the South American nation, said the next strike would be on Wednesday and Thursday. Mass marches were also planned for Monday and Friday in an effort to force Maduro into aborting a controversial July 30 election for a new congress.  But those in power never willingly give up their reign of terror.

“The repression has been brutal,” opposition leader Maria Corina Machado said. “The world has to understand what we are living through in the streets of Venezuela.”

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Gas Masks, Filters, Body Suits, Anti Radiation Pills

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Date: July 23rd, 2017

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Violence Flares In Venezuela As Opposition Calls For New Strike